The Name

Why we call it NiAmos

In this era of socialization,
where our thoughts are occupied with
updates, tweets, pics & videos,
a like here, a retweet there
just to create an image which exists nowhere.

Do we really mean what we say,
when we follow the brands
does our loyalty eternally stay,
when we ROFL the joke
are we rolling on the stroke,
it's all about impression,
communication, exaggeration.

Words are expressed but feelings missed,
pics are captured and moments are skipped,
videos are recorded, creations are forged,
where is the real world to set the accord.

Here I got the birth to fill up the dearth,
to make the brands learn
and give love in return,
to transform relationships
and make the customers earn,
ready to change the cosmos
my name is 'NiAmos'.

I q this